What we do

At OAK Foundation, we empower young girls from poor homes to stay and excel in school. We also enable young women to develop successful careers, while identifying and growing women entrepreneurs.

In Ghana, an average of 40% of girls drop out of school due to financial constraints, early pregnancy or failure in exams. In Northern Ghana, the figure is as high as 75% for both basic and senior high schools. The socio-economic and health implications of this situation are terrible for women, families and the country.

Early pregnancy, which culminates in girls leaving school prematurely, can lock women into a life of extreme poverty and ill-health. Girls curtail their education in order to give birth usually struggle to keep their children fed, healthy and educated.  Many are also unable to continue their own education and achieve rewarding careers.

At OAK Foundation, we firmly believe every girl has a right to quality education, no matter her family’s economic circumstances. OAK Foundation exists to support children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and communities attain quality education and rewarding careers.

Why does it matter?

It matters because the situation whereby every 4th girl out of 10 drops out of school before reaching tertiary level, has devastating consequences for the Ghanaian society. The whole Ghanaian society loses out when women are unable to achieve their fullest potential and engage in their communities – economically, politically and participate fully in the upbringing of their off-springs.

Through our work, we empower young girls to pursue their dreams, transform their lives and achieve economic well-being. This presents long term sustainable benefits to families, the community and the whole country.

How do we achieve this?

At OAK Foundation, we ensure that young women and girls are at the core of our work.  OAK Foundation achieves developmental impacts by:

  • Forming and running institutionalized Ladies’ Clubs in Senior High Schools, Tertiary Institutions and Communities. The Clubs serve as channels for mentoring, teaching assistance, career development and entrepreneurship training services;
  • Administering scholarship programmes to support financially challenged girls in Senior High Schools; and
  • Initiating agribusiness incubator projects focused on young female graduates.

OAK Foundation forms and administers the PAM Girls Clubs in


The Eagle Ladies Club is OAK Foundation’s flagship programme


THI is OAK Foundation’s Young Women’s Entrepreneurship

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