Entrepreneurial Incubators

 OAK Foundation is also promoting the initiation of various entrepreneurial incubators for young Ghanaians. These are in the areas of services, value-addition to agriculture, retail, fashion, small-scale manufacturing and hospitality.

  • AgroProcess Incubator Project. This is in partnership with Government of Ghana’s One-District/One-Factory initiative
    • This scheme covers the utilization of low-cost appropriate processing and packaging technology that embeds significant manual process to promote employment in the local community
    • The AgroProcess project links directly with the WiA scheme, providing ready market for the output of the WiA incubators/business units
    • AgroProcess component also enables achievement of the farm-to-table objective of the programme
    • It involves the set-up of preparatory processor-supply chain partnerships with existing agro-food processors, for e.g. Ayensu Starch Factory, Breweries: GGBL, FMCGs: Nestle, etc.
    • It may also involve bulk packaging for supply chain partnerships with suppliers of fresh farm produce to retail and hospitality industry, for example Whytebage Limited, Shoprite, Marina, Koala, Hotel and restaurant chains
    • The incubator scheme also covers export market commercialization in strategies in the aforementioned implementation channels