Our Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost NGO responsible for sponsoring the education and professional development of disadvantaged young women in Africa.

Our History

OAK is an acronym derived from the official registered name of the organization – OKODIE AKWANTUO KUO – an Ashanti Twi (Ghana language) expression which translates loosely as JOURNEY OF EAGLES.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make highly educated professionals of young women from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in Africa.

Welcome to OAK Foundation Ghana.


OAK Foundation

OAK Foundation

Okodie Akwantuo Kuo
OAK Foundation is a Social Enterprise & NGO that ;
  1. Promotes girls’ education and provides mentorship, counseling and training with the objective of empowering young women to stay and excel in school;
  2. Provides personal and professional development services to young women which would ultimately assist them develop rewarding careers;
  3. Identifies and grows young women entrepreneurs, particularly in agriculture and agribusiness
To achieve these objectives, we at OAK Foundation deliver our programmes through two distinct, but inter-related components:

  1. OAK CHARITY :Not-for-profit projects and programs promoting female education and professional development.
  2. OAK SOCIAL ENTERPRISES: Commercially-oriented operations aimed at growing women entrepreneurs in agriculture, agribusiness and related industries.

Our Programmes

At OAK Foundation, we firmly believe every girl has a right to quality education, no matter her family’s economic circumstances.

PAM Girls’ Clubs

OAK Foundation forms and administers the PAM Girls Clubs in Senior High Schools located in high risk communities. By high-risk, we mean communities with high rates of female drop out.

Eagle Ladies Clubs

The Eagle Ladies Club is OAK Foundation’s flagship programme targeting young ladies who are enrolled in the various tertiary institutions in Ghana. It is through the Eagles Ladies Club ...

Add-Vance Scholarship Scheme

The AVSS is OAK Foundation’s financial assistance initiative designed to support poor but brilliant girls at risk of dropping out, to remain in school. The AVSS supports needy girls ...

The Hatch Initiative

THI is OAK Foundation’s Young Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme. Through the THI, OAK Foundation seeks to develop professional women entrepreneurs in

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OAK Foundation is currently looking for Technical Partners in the following areas or institutions ...

Oct 17, 2018 / By

OAK Foundation is currently looking for Technical Partners in the following areas or institutions ...

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