Agri-Value Chain

OAK Foundations Agri-Value Chain Projects have been initiated to help address challenges faced by small-holder farmers in rural communities, particularly women. In Ghana, women in small-holder farming operations face a number of challenges, specifically related to:
– Inaccessibility to fertile arable farmlands
– Complex land tenure systems
– Lack of mechanized equipment for land preparation
– Poor farming practices arising out of limited technical know-how
– Low skill levels
– Limited access to markets
– Limited or no value addition to produce
– No access to finance
– Post-harvest losses

To address and help women small-holder farmers overcome these challenges, OAK Foundation supports
the formation of Women Farmer Associations, known as the OAK Women Co-operatives. Through these
co-operatives, OAK Foundation implements various Agri-Value Chain initiatives designed to improve
farm productivity and economic prospects of its members.

OAK Foundations Agri-Value Chain initiatives support its members with
– Mechanized equipment to help with land preparation
– Knowledge and skills training to improve farm practices
– Activations to enhance land utilization and farm productivity
– Innovative access to finance and pre-finance mechanisms
– Post-harvest management practices
– Value-addition, packaging and farm-market linkages