About OAK Foundation

OAK is an acronym derived from the official registered name of the organization – OKODIE AKWANTUO KUO – an Ashanti Twi (Ghana language) expression which translates loosely as JOURNEY OF EAGLES.

OAK Foundation started in 2013 as PAM Girls Advancement Club (PAMGAD). The club was the brainchild of Portia Agyei Yeboah, whose burning passion for the education and career development of young girls from poor homes, was nurtured out of the circumstances of her own childhood.

Portia grew up in a family so poor they could not afford to put her in school from an early age. She was later given to an extended family member who promised to educate her. However, this family member handed her to a petty trader in Northern Ghana as a servant. While her peers were in school, Portia spent her days fetching firewood from forests and hawking foodstuffs in the open markets of Tamale.

After five years of servitude, Portia’s family found her and sent her to stay with an uncle who was a Pastor of the Church of Christ. She started primary school at age eleven and through sheer determination, hard work and the magnanimity of benefactors, she was able complete Senior High school and gain entry to the University of Ghana, where she studied for a Bachelors of Arts Degree.

Research in Ghana confirms a high drop-out rate among young females as a result of financial difficulties and early pregnancy. Current drop-out rate of young females in Senior High Schools is estimated at 40%. So, mindful of the circumstances of her own childhood and the dangers young girls who are out of school face, Portia felt an urgent need to do something to mitigate this problem.

After graduating from the University of Ghana, Portia realized that her passion still lay in volunteerism and not-for-profit work. Consequently she came together with her friend, Mavis Durowaa Mainu, who came from similar socio-economic circumstances and shared similar interests in volunteer work, to establish the PAMGAD club. Portia and Mavis later incorporated the club as a full-fledged NGO called OKODIE AKWANTUO KUO (OAK Foundation).  Portia and Mavis set up OAK Foundation with the vision to be the foremost NGO responsible for sponsoring the education and professional development of disadvantaged young women in Africa.

After three formative years, OAK Foundation established a social enterprise division, first to raise funds to support its charity work, but more importantly to promote agriculture and agribusiness as vehicles for economic empowerment of young women. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for delivering its objective of growing professional women in Africa.