Pam Girls Club

OAK Foundation forms and administers the PAMGAD Clubs in Senior High Schools located in high risk communities. By high-risk, we mean communities with high rates of female drop out. The PAMGAD Club is the vehicle through which OAK Foundation and its Volunteers offer mentorship and counseling services to young girls. Through this Club, we also offer extra tuition and other academic support services to young girls to enable them stay in school and perform well in their studies. We also offer leadership training and extra-curricular services to help our girls become leaders in their school and communities.

The components of work activities delivered through the PAMGAD Clubs include:

  • Monthly mentoring modules made up of Safe Sex Education, Studying Skills, Etiquette, Personal Grooming and related topics
  • Weekend extra classes for final year members in the Core Subjects
  • Regional vacation classes during summer holidays
  • Annual boot camp at a centralized location

The work we do through the PAMGAD Club enable us deliver our objective of reducing drop-out rates of young girls in the Senior High Schools at the high-risk communities, while improving their pass rate in core subjects.
Ultimately, this should set us on the path of producing highly educated professionals and entrepreneurs from these disadvantaged social groups.